Can I Be Bored Now? Lea Sep & Nikolina Tomić bring their new performance to Brighton Fringe

Latest TV’s Yael Breuer speaks to Lea Sep and Nikolina Tomić about their production in Brighton Fringe, Can I Be Bored Now?

‘Can I Be Bored Now? is a theatre piece in which through dialogues, music and movement, two performers lead the audience on a journey using a visual art installation with projected drawings on a screen.

The aim is to bombard the spectators with a multitude of information, displayed in a similar way that social media platforms incessantly convey endless (un)related posts and news. The unease around it brings queries and doubts about every day decision making regarding covering boredom with social media. What happens when we put ourselves in the virtual world of social media? Are we seeking to escape from boredom or reality?

Tickets for the Can I Be Bored Now? can be found here.

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