Pitch perfect for Pride

The two BGMC concerts on the 28th and 29th of July at St George’s, Kemptown chose “Out” as the theme for their pre-pride summer concert and it could not have been better put together or carried through.
We were welcomed into the land of Oz with the church dressed as the Emerald city and several “Dorothys”to see us to our seats!
Even the well loved standards were chosen to tie in with the theme and concert’s sketch featured various characters including the wicked Bitch of his head , the good Bitch of his head and the wizard himself all helping Theodore on his journey firstly to Brighton and to finding the confidence to “come out”. I have known Jon Taylor since the Barbican concert when I first worked with The Chorus and have watched him grow into a fine actor-natural, good comedy timing and a huge asset to The Chorus with his writing skills as well.
It’s really hard to pick specific items to praise in this excellent show as, under the unassuming and modest leadership of Dr Joe Paxton and the accompaniment by Tim Nail ( who not only sounds like a full orchestra especially in items such as “It’s a Sin”but has arranged many items including the sexy version of “Easy”.) Joe Paxton‘s beautiful a cappella arrangement of “Human heart” was another standout item.
-ALL the soloists without exception, were superb with exactly the right song to suit each one of them. I must just mention Adam Betteridge’s clear diction and interpretation of “Goodbye yellow Brick Road”, Graeme Clark’s Caveman song which was West End Worthy,Rod Edmund’ s “A change in me” made me cry but I left my heart with Karl Fisher who touched every emotion with “I want love”.
What might I have changed? I would love to have the grand piano out from under the balcony so we could see Tim at the keys and I would love for Joe Paxton to be less humble, speak to us just once at least and acknowledge the applause he so dearly deserves. An excellent show with the very worthy charity Albert Kennedy Trust featured.

Carole Todd

29 July

St George’s Kemp Town

Rating: ★★★★★

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