Nataliya Valda, a Ukrainian film curator and film festival director, presents two Ukrainian films. The first, If Not For The Ukranians, is directed by Alex Makarov. Is a documentary by a youth initiative. Makarov said of the film: “With this project, we want not only to show that we, as young people, are proud of our cultural heritage, but also to inform the world that Ukraine is full of bright, talented, brilliant people.”

The second film is a comedy musical Hutsulka Ksenya directed by Alena Demyanenko. It’s set in 1939. A young Ukrainian-American man, Yaro, comes to the Carpathian Mountains. His father has left him a fortune on the condition that he marries a Ukrainian girl. There, Yaro meets a Hutsul girl, Ksenya and has to rethink his plan.

The films are being screened on Latest TV from Sunday 27th August with further films to be curated by Nataliya in the following weeks.

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