Celebrate Halloween with our Special Film Festival!

Our Halloween festival returns for a third edition, full of fun spooks and scares!

Catch our packed programme of indie short films and animations every evening at 9pm from Monday 23rd October (except Wednesday) – and our omnibus on Halloween night, 31st October! Follow us on Instagram from more visuals…


Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir – by David M. Night Maire
13:00, US
A gruesome coming of age story about a vintner son’s disobedience and desire to care for his ailing mother.

Both of Us – by Dominic O’Neill
4:30, Ireland
When she returns to her childhood home, a woman begins to relive her haunted past.

A New World – by Mikel Alvarez Sarriegi
6:02, Spain
After 20 years of a zombie apocalypse, Loinaz is bitten by one upon returning home. Near suicide, she discovers the plague is over. A cure has been found, and she can prepare it at home. Does a new world begin?

REC – by Katelyn Johnston
9:33, US
A girl buys a doll online intending to use her as a prop. She didn’t know the doll had secrets that become unleashed.

ADAM2 – by Luke Baker
28:03, US
A disgraced software engineer creates an A.I. replica of himself, much to the chagrin of his wife who is tasked with building the body.


Lurker – by Sebastian Sørensen
7:44, Denmark
A livestreamer ends up in a life threatening situation, when he realises that the creepy user in the chat, is now inside his apartment.

Monsters – by Sebastian Fernandez
4:24, UK
Found Footage of a creature hunter traying to capture images of a Lovecraftian creature that people said they have seen in the forest.

Goth Diary – by Karyna Aslanova
9:05, UK
The dark world of a goth teenager is revealed in a reading and analysis of The Goth Diary, a tome full of angst, misunderstanding, regret, and of course, suffering.

The Legend of Halloween Ghosts – by Teodoro Francesco Liberto
9:21, Italy
On Halloween night, two ghosts in love will become legends.

Song of the Nightingale – by Anastasia Grech
3:42, UK
A satirical take on the lengths people will go to control and silence women.

Robert and the Sorcerer – by Frères Michel
26:40, France
At the end of his rope, Robert enters a strange hotel. The whole world is against him, but an extraordinary encounter opens his eyes.


Woman of Your Dreams – by Samantha Locock
7:31, UK
Overworked Zoe is stuck in her job, she starts to have sleep paralysis where she first encounters her sleep paralysis demon, The Woman.

Fever Dream – by Ben Daly
7:14, UK
A sickly young woman questions reality as she awakens from a succession of increasingly surreal fever dreams.

Off-Key – by Georgia Gregory-Morris
10:00, UK
A whimsical artist finds muse in the form of an ominous charity shop and a piano that turns people into products.

Bedroom People – by Vivien Forsans
4:50, Canada
A man searches through documents of an unknown USB key and discovers a strange series of recordings.

Billy Hoople – by Luke Baker
6:00, US
After purchasing an old picker-upper Victorian home, young couple Bob and Sara call upon an unconventional exorcist to rid them of an aggressive spector. Billy Hoople, exorcist, mystic protector, and exterminator of any and all varmints natural or otherwise.

1200 AM – by Pankaj Upadhayay
7:25, Australia
Based on stories of karmic redemption also known as poetic justice, 1200 AM translates the inner chatter of a young author’s mind and how she writes her novels.

Causa Mortis – by Luiz Rodrigues Jr
22:00, Brazil
A psychologist makes his last consultation of the day. The patient is Death. Reason for consultation: burnout.


Reunion – by M.r. Fitzgerald
17:38, US
After a viral outbreak tears society apart, two surviving family members plan to rescue their infected matriarch from a scientist out for blood-thirsty revenge.

She Lives In Me – by Lukas DiSparrow
10:54, UK
Gabriel, a young man, grapples with haunting visions of a ghostly presence named Iris. These visions disrupt his life, leaving him terrified and questioning his own reality. As Gabriel navigates his journey, the lines between his identity and Iris blur, leading to a series of chilling encounters.

Irene – by Alicia Krawchuk
8:35, Canada
Meg becomes a live-in carer for a terrifying 91-year-old lady named Irene who walks the house at night in a state of confusion. Is Irene trying to kill her, or is she just losing her marbles?

Brains: A Postmodern Prometheus Story – by Jim Doran
5:18, US
The story of a society exploring artificial intelligence with the warning “don’t lose your head over AI!”

The Insurance – by Sengthe Vanh Bouapha
20:00, France
After signing the renewal of her insurance contract, Delphine has to stay at the office for further tests. She will be shocked by the agency’s absurdity.


Daydream – by Tom Jancso
10:45, UK
A customer of a hyper-realistic virtual fantasy service becomes aware of his own addiction to an impossible reality.

Rupert The Doll – by Connor Howkins
6:30, UK
Stumbling across a daunting doll, Mia seeks help from a Ghost Hunter who delves into its past.

Dead Red Kite – by Finn Morgan-Roberts
4:00, UK
When a bird of prey gets run over, a young girl’s insistence on giving it a funeral incites conflict.

The Hobbyist – by D.M. Night Maire
8:37, US
A short neo-noir thriller centered around a mysterious druggist visited by Sangstrom, a seemingly ordinary man in search of an undetectable poison. Yet, Sangstrom winds up getting more than he bargained for from the sagacious alchemist.

Static – by Zachary R. Irving
8:52, US
A young horror nerd gets more than he bargained with when his TV suddenly goes to static. He soon finds himself plagued by something not of this world.

Sauvage – by Ornella Barbé
20:00, France
Paul Rive, young writer, comes back to his hometown to tell his former lover, Wanda, that they will never meet again. The torments of his old life in this austere and sordid place come back to the surface.


The Grinner – by Ben Daly
7:57, UK
After years of trauma, a young woman attempts to erase a terrifying figure that has haunted her since childhood.

Reveniens – by Domiziano Cristopharo
21:52 – Italy
A man and his pregnant wife try to escape a zombie apocalypse.

Are We Friends? – by Luke David Sims
9:20, UK
Returning to her childhood home, Emma spends the night with a friend.

Gobbits – by Nick Zweig
3:03, US
A series of absurd vignettes in an otherwise horrifying world.

It Was John – by Victor Hampson
20:00, UK
Grant and Trinity discover a children’s book containing a strange warning: “Once you’ve seen John, he can see you. And he’s coming to get you.”


A Perfect Piece – by Leonard Merlim
13:05, UK
Lily is a sculpture artist whose life is falling apart, but an online stranger can help to solve all of her problems.

The Lion’s Den – by August Aguilar
8:26, US
When a group of captives attempt a daring escape, they are hunted by a crazed hunter and his ferocious creature.

Ratsel and Gretel – by Nathan Miller
3:22, US
A small moronic mouse unintentionally ruins a clumsy old Witch’s dinner, therefore she vows to get revenge on the rodent.

Cockroach – by Amen Musbah
36:17, Brazil
The invasion of a cockroach triggers a rift in the relationship between Ingrid and her fiance. Haunted by terrible hallucinations, Ingrid enters a spiral of doubts and has difficulty distinguishing what is real and what is not.


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