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Deborah Espect introduces films made be independent filmmakers, followed by interviews with them to find out all about their experiences making their films.

The shows are available to watch on Latest TV in the Brighton area on Freeview 7 and Virgin Media 159, and to livestream anywhere in the world at

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Wednesday 8th November – 9pm
Wednesday 22nd November – 9.50pm

The Day of the Sun Dog by Andy McLeod
The story is of Clare, a grieving widow, now living alone with her ageing dog, who has grown fearful of life outside the confines of the house. The arrival of the mysterious Jaggers leads to the sign from the afterlife she’s been seeking. Starring Paul McGann.

Old Boy’s Apples 
by Brad Hock
Beyond the hedge, beneath the well, ancient spirits sing their song to reawaken the mystery of the hidden apple.

Wednesday 8th November – 9.50pm
Wednesday 22nd November – 9pm

Time and Tide written by Lucy Nordberg
Across time, the last lighthouse keeper prepares for his final voyage back to shore, the mother of a gladiator endures watching her son fight, and the legendary figure of Odysseus returns home to a less than hero’s welcome. Starring Greta Scacchi, Samuel West and John Locke.

The Widow’s Daughters 
by Kimmo Moykky and Kathleen Bryson
A transliteration of a traditional Finnish folk song about the dangers of excess in either debauchery or purity.

Wednesday 15th November – 9pm
Wednesday 29th November – 9.50pm

Weightless by Lois Norman
On a deserted East Sussex beach, a sixty-two-year-old woman struggles to face down her inner demons as she makes her way into the water. Starring Toya Wilcox.

by Dawn Westlake
The French word ‘terroir’ is used across many languages and cultures to describe the soil and climate factors that give wine its character. Metaphorically, we can look at our human upbringing and the resulting character of various world cultures as ‘terroir’. Factually, we all originate from women, but it is the rare culture that respects or honors this truth. Why do we pervert the vessel of life to its own self-denial?

Wednesday 15th November – 9.50pm
Wednesday 29th November – 9pm

From A to Q by Emmalie El Fadli
When Alex wakes suddenly from a dream in which she confesses her love to a girl, her whole world is turned upside down.

The Elusive Purpurea Vulpavis by Michèle Kaye
A supposedly eco-friendly tour company is guiding tourists through a wooded area with the hopes of glimpsing an elusive, critically endangered animal.

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