Members of Brighton’s Iranian and wider community attended an event titled ‘Shattering the Veil: The Rise of Iranian Women,’ took place on November 24th at the Brighthelem Centre.

The event included a screening of a documentary by the same by which was filmed by local film maker William Ranieri and included music and a panel discussion. The documentary featured interviews with activists, victims of the Iranian regime, artists, and public figures and told the story of modern Iran, and in particular highlighting the unwavering determination of its people, celebrating the strength and resilience of Iranian women. The event, organised by 4Irantogether and associated with 7Abban Front, was a major success.

Co- organiser and the documentary producer Gio …. said afterwards: “4IranTogether is an organisation that aims to raise awareness and provide support to the people of Iran revolution and we believe free democratic Iran can bring peace in Middle East and around world. The majority of the audience came from the British community, showcasing a diverse and engaged audience.” The evening was enriched with a dance performance and captivating songs by Iranian British artists. It concluded with a distinguished panel discussion featuring Mrs. Sharan Tabari(Head of the executive committee of 7Aban, (an Iranian political group)/ Journalist ,Mr. Vahid Behshti Iranian/British independent journalist, Human Rights Activist/Advocate, and Pantea Modiri Human rights activist / journalist and Dr. Nader Falllah human rights Activist. Gio added- “The venue resonated with insightful discussions during the Q&A session, providing attendees with an opportunity to engage directly with the panelists.

To conclude the evening on a patriotic note, the iconic “Ey Iran” music played, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present. Our primary goal was to raise awareness and inspire action for the rights and dignity of Iranian women and the people of Iran. Thanks to the overwhelming turnout and enthusiastic participation, we believe we’ve taken a significant step toward achieving this objective.

A documentary film by William Ranieri

‘Shattering the Veil: The Rise of Iranian Women’- review

“Shattering the Veil: The Rise of Iranian Women” offers a compelling glimpse into the challenges faced by Iranian women under the restrictive Islamic regime, directed and filmed by Brighton-based filmmaker William Ranieri. The 38-minute documentary serves as an educational and eye-opening introduction for those less acquainted with the struggles of Iranian women.

Ranieri captures the essence of the determination and frustration of Iranian activists living in the diaspora, who advocate for international recognition of the IRGC as a terrorist organization. The film’s focus on Iranian activists now residing in the UK, living in freedom but actively opposing the oppressive Islamic regime in Iran, provides a poignant perspective on the ongoing challenges faced by their compatriots. One notable aspect of “Shattering the Veil” is its emphasis on the slogan “Women Life Freedom”- this rallying cry encapsulates the  determination of Iranian women to break free from the constraints imposed by the extremist Islamic regime.

While the film effectively sheds light on the struggles faced by Iranian women in the diaspora, it is a pity that, due to obvious reasons, activists living within Iran could not be interviewed. This limitation, imposed by the oppressive Iranian regime, underscores the very challenges the documentary seeks to expose.

Produced by the organisation 4IranTogether, dedicated to raising awareness of Iran’s revolutionaries opposing the Iranian regime, “Shattering the Veil” successfully brings to the forefront resilient Iranian women and activists. However, a desire for a more in-depth exploration of their personal stories and the struggles faced by their families lingers, offering room for further insight into the human side of this compelling narrative.

“Shattering the Veil” strikes a balance between delivering an important educational message and providing a platform for the voices of those who, due to their activism, found refuge in the UK. It conveys the urgency of the issues at hand and leaves the audience with a thoughtful reflection on the plight of Iranian women and life under religious Islamic extremism.

Yael Breuer, Latest TV

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