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Deborah Espect introduces films made be independent filmmakers, followed by interviews with them to find out all about their experiences making their films.

The shows are available to watch on Latest TV in the Brighton area on Freeview 7 and Virgin Media 159, and to livestream anywhere in the world at

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Wednesday 10th January – 9pm
Wednesday 24th January – 9.50pm

Voluspa by Oliver Hollingdale
A Seeress has a vision telling the end of the world, Ragnarök, and its second coming. She will do everything in her power to prevent it from happening but it comes at a cost.

The Holiday Maker by Harry Mead
After she can’t financially afford to travel on her dream holiday, a young woman decides to build a miniature model wonderland of her dream destinations.


Wednesday 10th January – 9.50pm
Wednesday 24th January – 9pm

Song of a Nightingale by Anastasia Grech
Experimental stop-motion short which explores the lengths people have, and continue to go to, to control and silence women.

Nostalgia by Harry Wells
A depressed man seeks happiness from his childhood in the form of a “Nostalgia Tab” – an untested drug making its way around the underworld.

Her Song by Jack Kirwan
The Banshee’s song comforts Peggy as she unspools the threads of her past, weaving myth and reality she tells Eve her devastating story. Animation starring Nicola Coughlan.


Wednesday 17th January – 9pm
Wednesday 31st January – 9.50pm

Bonfires by Ralph Hutchins
The story of two brothers who get caught up in an illegal dumping scheme. But, as time goes on, the secrets they burn start to catch up with them and the brothers’ bond begins to fracture.

It was John by Victor Hampson
The Harroway’s mad brother, Martin, has died. Amongst his possessions is an illustrated children’s book containing a strange warning about one of the characters within it: once you’ve seen John, he can see you. And he’s coming to get you.


Wednesday 17th January – 9.50pm
Wednesday 31st January – 9pm

The Hobbyist by George Vatistas
A seemingly ordinary man seeks out a sagacious druggist in search of an undetectable poison, but winds up getting more than he bargained for.

Itch by Susannah Farrugia
A psychological horror about a novice nun who develops a severe skin condition which continues to worsen, along with her mental state, as she struggles with her feelings for another nun.

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