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Deborah Espect introduces films made be independent filmmakers, followed by interviews with them to find out all about their experiences making their films.

The shows are available to watch on Latest TV in the Brighton area on Freeview 7 and Virgin Media 159, and to livestream anywhere in the world at

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Wednesday 6th March – 9pm
Wednesday 20th – 9.50pm

Las Nogas by Catya Plate
500 years into the future, the earth is a dry wasteland destroyed by humans. Doctor Alma, a fluffy, brilliant Vulkeet (a cross between a parakeet and vulture) who drives a Vespa, must cure the only creatures left who can save the world by bringing back the rain – the bizarre and lovable Homeys who have fallen ill with a mysterious sickness.

Wednesday 6th March – 9.50pm
Wednesday 20th – 9pm

They Call Me Bridget by Tzarini Meyler
A young woman accused of witchcraft must confront her husband’s betrayal, to reclaim her identity and find peace. Inspired by the heartbreaking story of Bridget Cleary, this is an art-house film that pays homage to Ireland’s forgotten women.

Waldeinsamkeit by Silvana Roth
A woman who feels alienated from modern city life embarks on a magical dreamlike journey, where she finds wonder and a newfound appreciation for the place she lives in. ‘Waldeinsamkeit’ is an old German word which describes the feeling of spiritual connection one can experience when being alone in a forest.

Wednesday 13th March – 9pm
Wednesday 27th – 9.50pm

Orchard Road by Ida-Maria Olva
An unemployed father can’t afford a birthday present to his son, so he plans something a bit more unorthodox.

Planets Aligned by Liv Berry
The sun holds a group therapy meeting for the planets to talk about their well being. They get distracted by each others chaotic characteristics, end up arguing and discuss virtually nothing before leaving, feeling worse than they did upon entering the room.

Wednesday 13th March – 9.45pm
Wednesday 27th – 9pm

Siren by Corey White
A lonely Fisherman recounts a story of an object of desire encountered long ago, in which our actions as human beings are slowly destroying.

The Fifth Generation by Hugo Santa Cruz
A group of radicalised activists kidnap the UK’s Secretary of State for the Environment. As tensions rise, the power dynamics within the group start getting in the way of their masterplan.

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