Songs written to honour Alexei Navalny

Brighton musicians Latest Bill, Eminemmylou and Julian Tardo create a song tribute to Alexei Navalny honouring his unbelievably brave but REAL contribution to the beautiful new Russia of the future he envisioned

Russia’s opposition leader, Alexei Navalny died in suspicious circumstances on 16th Feb 2024 (ie, we can assume he was killed, because as broadcaster, Alan Cross wrote: has a Putin enemy ever died of natural causes?) and his passing has inspired a raft of songs and ballads worldwide dedicated to his memory. Several have even been banned in Russia. Russia has a long history of protest songs and singers, and many bands now protest against the war in Ukraine.

Latest TV’s Latest Bill wrote and produced the music for this ballad with words by Eminemmylou, with guitar by Julian Tardo. The accompanying video edited by Ryan Gibbs, based on stills to show glimpses of Navalny’s fight over the years. Navalny’s wife, Julia Navalnaya, is now continuing his fight and campaigning for free elections in Russia. Russian elections starting this week from March 15th. Alexei Navalny was an extraordinarily brave man. Read his life story online. Meanwhile share protest songs and in the words of Alexei Navalny: Don’t Give Up fighting against injustice.

Bill Smith CEO of Latest TV (Latest Bill)  says, “we did our Alexei Navalny song because we wanted to add our voices to those working to create Navalny’s vision of the beautiful new Russia of the future and as Nadya from Pussy Riot says we wanted to contribute: “Young, riotous and radical, we walked like zombies through all the usual boring panels with sad speakers, poetry readings and sleep-inducing talks on human rights and democracy. It wasn’t inspiring because it was neither practical nor attractive. Yes, we all believed that Russia had to be free. But how do we get there?”

Like Pussy Riot and Russian protest singers and balladeers worldwide, by creating something beautiful.

Lyrics of Ballad of Alexei Navalny

The world is always changing, Alexei Navalny

Into ways not of your making, Alexei Navalny

A man could be so happy

But the feeling never lasts

You’d be the first to know that, Alexei Navalny

All you’ve ever cared for in this barren land

You’ve seen destroyed in seconds, like castles made of sand

There’s such a thing as justice

And you know just what it is

You’d be the first to fight back, Alexei Navalny

Show me the sunshine, I’ll show you sons of curs

You can’t have the ocean, unless you hear the ocean roar

There’s good and bad in this world

You face up to the hate

You’d be the first to see God, Alexei Navalny

Alexei, you’re an outlaw

A warrior to the end

Alexei you live outside the law

A Pilgrim and a Friend

Lose your head or give up, then you lose your life

But dying ain’t a trial for you, Alexei Navalny

It’s living that ain’t easy

A struggle to be free

You’d be the first to struggle, Alexei Navalny

Try and live in peace now, Alexei Navalny

You’ve earned your reprieve now, Alexei Navalny

There’s iron in your death words

Your words of life are true

You’d be the first to be fair, Alexei Navalny

Words Eminemmylou

Music Latest Bill

Poet Sarah’s Ballad of Alexei Navalny

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