Domestic abuse has always been a sensitive subject that unfortunately hasn’t had much coverage and sadly is a crucial issue that has been forgotten. No wonder not many people come forward and tell their story, in particular men. This is something I hold close to my heart as someone who has gone through such traumatising and mental health damaging events.

In June 2024, I will be releasing a short film based on the above topic. I want to raise awareness by talking about how it can affect the mind of someone who has been abused even after the relationship is over. I will also shed some positivity by giving some advice on how I’ve managed to rebuild my life but with a lighter comedic twist. I would hope that those who watch this will feel moreoptimistic and are able to step into the right direction.

My vision in this piece is showing how dark life can be to start with but with the power of patient and effective recovery methods (which I will be covering) life can get back on track. Understandably, it’s difficult constantly feeling lost in the maze of despair and hurt.

The mission is to set out a strong message and with hope it will change the dynamic, getting this more talked about. As a collective community we should support each and make the right change that is needed.

Watch this space and keep your eyes peeled for a rollercoaster of emotions in a journey of finding that light at the end of the tunnel.

Marcus Webster

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