Currently showing on Netflix to great critical acclaim, Ripley, starring Andrew Scott, proves that we have lost none of our fascination for the charismatic, yet potentially harmful, con artist.

We don´t necessarily like these people. For example, not many folks look back upon the likes of Bernie Maidoff and his massive ponzi scheme with great fondness. There haven´t been many cheerleaders for Elisabeth Holmes´ fleecing millions from her investors in her medical equipment scam. Nonetheless, we seem to have a dark fascination for these characters.

Could it be that the allure of the huckster tells us more about our own incredulity at how people fall for these ruses than the ruses themselves? How many times have we read an article about an elderly professor sending his life savings to a twentysomething Instagram model and scream “How could anyone be so stupid?” or simply “But, but… why?”!

Well, it turns out that there are some predictable and very human traits that can make any of us fall into a fraudster’s trap. The victims of such people are rarely as naturally gullible as we might imagine. What if there was a way that we could figure out how tricksters can exploit us before they do their damage?

Well, why not join acclaimed magician and educator Chris Chappell for “Tricky Business”, a light-hearted but informative journey through the world of the con. Find out how a so-called psychic relieved a bright and successful author of 20 million dollars. Discover why, on Christmas Eve, a group of cultists found themselves desperately waiting for a flying saucer rather than Santa Clause. You can even take part in a fun, interactive mind reading trick through your own screen.

“Tricky Business” is Premiering on Latest TV in June.

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