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Let's Have Some Good Times by Tony Blair Witch Projekt

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Posted: 24 November 15

First appearing on Earth in 2012 Tony Blair Witch Projekt have been carrying out their mission to provide a raving good time to all beings they come across. Having conquered all in their path so far, they have proven themselves to be exactly what they are. The Best band in The UNIVERSE! And Earth is only their latest stop.
Hailing from all corners of nobody knows where, they are granted their powers by mysterious forces from beyond anywhere that anyone or anything has ever been. These Super-Beings whilst powerful are (mostly) harmless, using their influence over known physics for (mostly) good deeds.

After choosing Earth as their latest host planet TBWP merely needed to wait until a group of appropriate and compatible vessels could be assimilated. This happened to take place in Brighton of the United Kingdom and after various testing phases the humanoid form was deemed most appropriate (Dolphins were a close second). Since then TBWP have discovered that human tastes for mainstream music are somewhat disappointing and so set out to become the worst band in the world as a means to maintain their title as the best band in the universe. To achieve this they mix the mind-numbingly repetitive dance figures of club music with the tragedy of prepubescent punk styles and as such are poised to be global mega-stars.

Whilst it may be impossible to ever know exactly where they came from, it is obvious they still have a long way to go. So join Tony Blair Witch Projekt on their multicolour, musical journey to take over the world of pop... OR BE DESTROYED!

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