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24 Hour MC by Astro Physics

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Posted: 24 March 08

Astro Physics (featuring Skilf + Deep Black) Astro-Physics are a live Brighton based Hip-Hop/Drum n Bass band that draw from a wide range of genres to create a unique live sound loved by a huge variety of fans. They have been gigging all over the UK for a number of years, appearing at such places as; the Grassroots Festival in Hull, supporting Pendulum at Fifty-four in Coventry and most recently headlining at the Contact Theatre in Manchester as part of the MOBO showcase. Astro Physics have also recently appeared at the Concorde 2, selling out the charity event in their home city, Brighton. The Hip-hop/Drum n Bass fusion is fronted by Skilf and Deep Black, two highly acclaimed rappers who are renowned for their ‘magical blend’ of lyrics and dynamic performances in the live environment. Skilf started as a drum' n' bass MC before moving onto hip-hop with his debut album 'Original Visions' which has been well received throughout the hip-hop scene. Deep Black has been rapping for several years having already supported KRS One and Pendulum at the Concorde2.

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