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Cold Fire by Tom Phoenix

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Posted: 09 February 16

My name is Tom Phoenix. No, that isn’t my real name, but who I am isn’t important. What matters is the music. I never really learnt how to communicate with other humans, but when I discovered the guitar and what can be done with it, I found a way to express myself. Everything you hear, both musically and lyrically comes directly from my heart, and is a pathway to what’s inside my head. It’s not a pretty place, and I don’t advise you to travel there very often, but every time you do, it relieves me from my torture. I am tortured by my past and my own self.
I am not looking for sympathy, it is already too late for that. I am not looking to be saved, I’m already dead. I am not looking to make money, I have no need for it. I am not looking for attention, I will always keep my true identity hidden. I am not looking for love, how can anybody love something that doesn’t exist? You read correctly, I don’t exist. I am a fabrication of your own mind and soul. When you hear my music, you hear what you want to hear, when you try to picture my face, you see what you want to see. You are Tom Phoenix.
Who is Tom Phoenix to me? Tom Phoenix is the name of my unborn son who never existed. I once had a life and a future. I had a fiancee and I was very happy once upon a time. That’s all gone now, and what remains is a living nightmare. The memories and questions torment me every day, and has transformed me into a broken spirit. We all generate false lives and identities on FaceBook and Twitter, leading people to believe we lead these great lives, but in reality you’re just as broken as I am.
The title of my album is ‘Where To Next?’ I honestly don’t know what to do with myself after this album comes out. I won’t be touring behind it, but I may do an occasional live performance. Taking the easy route out of life is currently at the top of my list of ideas. There’s no way I will ever be able to win back the life I once had. It’s gone forever, and I may be gone forever soon, too. I see no reason to continue torturing myself. I am teasing myself by living. Every day I wake up and wonder if it’ll all go back to how it was. Hope is supposed to help people continue, but it’s making me want to stop. I have hope for something that I know will never happen.
Welcome to my world.

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