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Real Lies by Von Bonasus

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Posted: 18 February 16

They may have only just got their show on the road (literally), but this Brighton band have already been making their mark in a city with a formidable scene.
“We’ve been together since 2013, says Tom, lead guitar and joint songwriter in Von Bonasus, “but we really feel like now’s the time to show the real world what we’re made of”. Their live show is truly immersive and explosive, but without the meat-headedness that can besiege a band that can deliver such the clout and heaviness that Von Bonasus are capable of.
Their 2014 EP ‘Drive Thru Confessions’ could also be considered a prophecy to their building reputation...it’s sure-footed. Light-and-shade. At times cacophonous, end-of-the-world nu-shoegaze, bookended by structured, throbbing prog-outs that serve purpose to immerse the listener rather than for self-indulgence.
High speak indeed for a band just at the tipping point now, but - what’s actually in store?
“More gigs - that, and playing festivals” is Tom’s immediate response. “And not just in the UK - the European festivals are seriously good! British music is loved across the content as it is, but the festivals are always brilliantly run and we would be honored to show what we have to offer to such appreciative audiences on the continent as well as back at home”.

Their name is Von Bonasus, and they’re booking gigs near you. Make sure to check them out.

Von Bonasus are:
Johnny Mansell - Vox, lead guitar
Tom Collyer - Lead/rhythm guitar
Mike Calleja - Bass guitar, backing vox
Sam Davies - Drums

Their EP ‘Drive Thru Confessions’ is available on Bandcamp, B&Q, Christian Aid (99p section only) and TK Maxx

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