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My Overrated Girlfriend by Sweet Sweet Lies

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Posted: 14 December 07

"Sweet Sweet Lies" style is best described as "A crudely drawn mix of folk, bluegrass, and post-punk. they draw reference from such influences as Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Willie Nelson, Tom Waits and Kurt Weill. In the six months they have been together they have achieved Radio play on Radio Reverb, Juice FM, and have played a host of top venues around the country, as well as "The Great Escape", they are on the bill for this year's "Isle Of Wight Festival" and "Glastonbury" Here's a review: “For fans of Johnny Cash, Hove resident Nick Cave or Leonard Cohen, look no further than Sweet Sweet Lies. Vocalist Dominic VonTrapp's voice is as smooth as it is haunting and his lyrics are witty and full of pathos. Augmented by co-conspirator Michael Hayes's guitar work, his simple yet touching songs linger in the mind long after they’re gone." Marcus Hamblett .

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