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Wash Out Night Out by Go Johnny GO

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Posted: 07 April 08

Go Johnny Go are a Brighton-based two-piece who have been making stunning impressions on audiences since first unleashing their music live on Brighton crowds at the start of 2007.
Originally comprising of singer/guitarist Oli "Citizen" Lane and singer/drummer Matt “The Corbs” Corbould, Go Johnny Go conjure up a raw and unusual rock n’ roll sound that’s well worth getting stuck into.
Oli and Matt had performed together before in a couple of bands in their youth, and have remained firm friends ever since. But it was on a drunken trip to Las Vegas, and venturing into Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo territory in late 2005 that the duo realised that they’d still had so much more to offer.
Influenced by the flamboyance of The Strip, not to mention the liquor, the duo there and then started working on new material under the name of Go Johnny Go.
They chose to spend 2006 doing nothing but fine tuning their act to perfection, recording a stack load of exciting rock music that’s crying out to be heard en masse and opting not to hit the live circuit until they had become as tight a unit as possible.
2008 introduces Citizen Lane's long time drinking partner and fellow call-centre inmate Tommy Gun on drumming detail, replacing The Corbs who is pursuing a career in the drugs trade...
They are now regulars on the Brighton live circuit, and have won much acclaim, including an award for “Most Innovative Band” in the recent 300-strong “Best Of Brighton Bands” showcase competition.

"His Stray Cats vocals carry a smart echo of early rock & roll rebellion, as if he's about to flick the Vs at some daddyios by the second chorus" - John Earls, Teletext Planet Sounds.

"Go Johnny Go rock like beasts as if they were born straight into leather romper suits" - The Brighton Source.

"Raw and unusual" - Musonet Brighton.

"These muthas are da shit, innit?" - Pope Benedict.

NB: We may have made that last one up...

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