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TONIGHT by Rachel M

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Posted: 20 March 18

Tonight. The long awaited 2nd album 50 Shades of disEASE from London born [indie] artist Rachel M which sees a new and serendipitous collaboration with multi instrumental electronic artist Ceri Davies and a journey through genres and various states of dis/EASE.
Originally from London, 50 shades is my 2nd album. My debut was probably more experimental or avant garde and maybe less relatable due to it's obscurity in style so though very different in sound I do in some ways sense a progression in this work extending from the same expression or ideas.

I was blessed enough to work with David Bowie's pianist Mike Garson on my first project which still blows my mind after growing up listening to music that David made with Mike. Music that made me as a child want to 'make' music.

50 Shades sees another collaboration of which I am enjoying immensely and feel so greatly inspired by that with my new musical partner London based, multi instrumental electronic artist and DJ, Ceri Davies.
Initially we only discussed Ceri adding keys to a couple of tracks but quickly realized how comfortable we were in our collaboration almost instantly. It just felt right. Ceris hand extends into every track on the album and he is to credit for full instrumentation on every track bar Haight Ashbury and Cry No Tears ,both of which he still worked on in equal parts with myself and other friends. I also consider him a great asset to the final production of the entire project. Without him I do not believe I would have achieved instrumentation so symbiotic with my words, melodies and intent. I feel truly blessed to have found a partner in Ceri on this project and hopefully on future projects.


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