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Animal by Reckless Sons

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Posted: 05 June 08

Reckless Sons, a New York City based act, is getting recognition for bringing back true American rock and roll. Matt Butler, the lead singer, writes lyrics that deliver a sense of youth and rebellion in a true rock and roll style. Austin Schumacher hits the drums hard laying down the powerful background for Emiliano’s soulful guitar solos, and Jacob’s hipper than now baselines. Reckless Sons forceful live shows denote a passion of sweaty rock and roll that makes you dance and your fists shake. The band is well known in the lower east side of NYC and have honed their chops in vans running up and down the Eastern sea board. Recently, they completed a Southeast tour that garnered steady packed houses and some great road stories. Fans have described the band as “heart-land rock with a city kid edge,” and “a new Jet.” In the summer of 2007, Austin Texas rock guru Paul Soroski invited the band down to play the hard rock festival associated with South By Southwest called the Quadruple Bypass festival. Thereafter, the boys went back down to Austin and recorded much of their full-length album with Paul Soroski. The band returned to NYC and had the album mixed by Rock Music Sage Rob Farboni. The band is scheduled to do a UK tour July through August with a variety of shows, promotional events and radio appearances. The band has a residency at the Prince Albert in Brighton and will be playing the beach downs festival. A road tour is planned so maybe they'll play your town. The band is happy to announce that the public relations company Big Machine Media is on board to assist the band in spreading the word about the new album entitled “Don’t You Dare.” Hope to see you there.!

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