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Deep Housey by Amongst The Pigeons

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Posted: 05 August 08

Amongst the Pigeons is a dance artist from Brighton. The person who makes this music is called Charlie Anthony Thompson aka CAT.

Cat started ATP in 2005 and quickly gained airplay on Radio One with the help of DJ Rob Da Bank. After that CAT went into hiding to work on what will become the 1st full length ATP LP.

This album is nearing completion and will be called 'music to brush your teeth to'. The title came from the fact that most of the early ATP demos were 2mins in lenght. And dentists will tell you that this is the ideal time to brush them tooths you have.

So CAT is finishing off this LP which features easy to listen to, fun and mellow dance tracks. A number of tracks feature guest vocals from artists such as Frank Turner, Beans on Toast and Debbie Clare (massive attack vocalist).

Alongside the LP CAT has also been purrfecting the ATP live show and will soon be ready to start gigs in Autumn of 2008.

If thats not enough he also DJs and makes remixes for local Brighton artists.

The last few months have seen CAT building up interest in the LP by getting album samplers played on a number of local radio stations as well as XFM, Radio 1 and 6 music.

So spread the word as ATP is gathering speed and 2009 looks set to be the year of the Pigeons.

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