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Always Now by The Mojo Fins

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Posted: 29 September 08

It was never going to end. How could it? You can't just switch off the need to write music.

When The Mojo Fins vocalist and guitarist Jon Chandler was tragically killed in a road accident in May, 2007, there were many who wondered if the band could continue. Stephen (vocals/guitar), Steve (bass/keys) and Dave (drums) did not. They knew it had to: because music, like friendship, transcends death, and the dream that four school mates once swore they'd make a reality lives on.

Now, half a year later, and galvanized by the addition of new member, friend and guitarist Adam Atkins, the Brighton based pop-rock quartet step across the threshold of 2008 undeniably different, yet holding true to the same values that saw them signed to independent label Amazon Records in late 2006.

Talk to The Mojo Fins and you'll get to know a band in love with music, rather than the celebrity it can bring, their devotion to the art inspired by the likes of Elliot Smith, Tortoise and The Shins.
Listen to their ever-expanding repertoire and you'll hear songs composed with painstaking care and attention to detail, coruscating guitars, intricate rhythms and driving bass bound together by the unifying force of melody, that most primary of musical elements so often lost to haircuts and swagger or within walls of noise.

Watch as the guys' electric live performances light up stage after stage, face after face from the front of the audience to the back – then you'll see what it's all about.

With their first single, Piñata Face, having garnered wide critical acclaim September 2007 – a track sung by, and released in memory of, Jon, from which all royalties were donated to Road Peace, the UK national charity for road crash victims – The Mojo Fins are now gearing up for the release of 'Always Now', the first song to be taken from their debut album 'The Sound That I Still Hear'. Self-produced and recorded in their hometown, the 12-track long-player is due out February 2009.

Together with a string of forthcoming live dates, The Mojo Fins are buzzing with anticipation for the year ahead. In the words of the band: “You can't forget the past – but you can't live in it either. Never has the future seemed more important.”

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