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Changing The Guard by The Long Goodbye

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Posted: 10 November 08

"The Long Goodbye is led by singer songwriter Alfie Bernardi, a talented multi instrumentalist who quotes Neil Young, Ryan Adams and Wilco as the band's main influences. His lyrics have been described as "haunting, introspective, and painfully real" and his voice as "unique,passionate and impossibly filled with emotion". After a successful career as a sideman in several bands, and sharing stages with the likes of Nick Cave, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Chaka Khan and Paul Young, Alfie started working on what started as a solo album and slowly evolved into The Long Goodbye sound, aided by guitarist Jake MacKay, drummer Nyall Croucher, and many other partners in crime. Bassist James Lock and keyboard wizard Chad Marriott completed the lineup shortly after the record's completion. Only 2 months after its release, "Whenever in ruins" has been hailed by many as "the album to play when the whisky comes out" and "a fine collection of heartfelt songs, and the most evocative voice since Counting Crows' Adam Duritz" Together they craft reflective songs about lost love, hope, desolation and restlessness and take their all-night heartbreaks to the masses."

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