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State 6 by Greymatter

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Posted: 03 February 09

Beautiful vocal harmonies, intricately layered acoustic and electric guitars, sweet trumpet tones, gentle piano, smooth bass, and tight drum rhythms.

This is the distinctive sound of Greymatter, an all-girl five piece semi-acoustic indie folk rock band from the South East who are developing a growing reputation for consummate musicianship and engaging live performances.

With two self-produced albums to their name, Greymatter are clearly deeply passionate about their emotive blending of heartfelt melodies and memorable lyrics, and this passion is proving more than a little infectious. Captivating audiences wherever they play and attracting great reviews from the media, they just keep on leaving music lovers wanting more.

If you listen to the likes of the Indigo Girls, Newton Faulkner, Melissa Etheridge, Shawn Colvin, and Jewel, then you're going to love Greymatter.

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