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Like Wow! by Offcuts

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Posted: 05 April 09

Flesh projecting, luceferionic cacophony inspired by the brutality of nature and the futility of resisting natural desire. Offcuts first started to make noise back in 2004. Al does the squarking, Mr Pinz scrapes the guitar, Tabz bashes the drums and Mr Jones hammers the bass. Wait 4 years. Then Percy came along, trigger in hand, detonating the bomb, an explosion that caused the Offcuts to never sound the same again. They will rupture your vital organs, ignite your ears and set your feet on fire. Come to the forest, be sacrificed to the animals, hear the sound of the bestial children riding crippled unicorns with broken rusted horns.

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A music video for their song "Flesh" is due for release on Scuzz and Kerrang soon, so watch out!

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