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'Shop Til You Drop' by Kings Of the Wild Front Ear

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Posted: 24 April 09

Jason Smart is a singer/songwriter and occasional performer who grew up in Chalfont St. Peter and moved to Brighton, against medical advice, to become a pop star. Kings Of The Wild Front Ear came together as an outlet for his songs. They can number from one to one hundred depending on the availabilty of its itinerant membership. Like jelly it will soon hopefully solidify. Unlike jelly it's not popular at kids parties. Oh well... Joined by Barry 'Bongos' O'Brien they have just released 'Flowers, Trees, Trains And Knees' a downloadable album available from

'Shop Til You Drop' is the title song from the new credit crunch comedy being staged at The Cella Bar, Sanctuary Cafe, Hove- May 18/19/20/26

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