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Simple ; Life by Moranimal

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Posted: 21 July 09

Moranimal Bio

Hi, I’m Moranimal I can’t speak in the standard Bio voice with out feeling like a cheese filled tool. If I was the kind of guy that says things like ‘Moranimal speaks of loss and joy without vocals’ I would not make the kind of music I do, I’d be singing lead vocal in an arrogant Pop Indie band and hooking up with skanky groupies…(though this doesn’t sound too bad, thinking about it)...

So… my music is about loss and joy but it’s more the product of over ten years locked in dark rooms obsessing over the harmonic series of a bass patch or living on cheese and sitcom downloads because I’d rather make music than shop or wash.

I have perfected the Breakbeat and built computers from the ground up- when they become too small to accommodate more and more complex projects, and I have a growing roster instruments to play, sample and alienate my neighbours with.

What may be more important is that there is no band like me- I’ve searched. No one has followed the path started by Four Tet’s or The Chemical Brother’s classic albums but kept a fresh 2009 sound. No one has coupled the harsh impact of the Breakbeat with cathartic minor orchestral venting of angst.

I’m looking to get signed so I can put the word to the streets and justify spending more money on EBay on computer and guitar parts and finally get thoughs 150 watt anti gravity ultra flat monitor speakers.

Love Moranimal

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