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Hotel Vitrine (Remix) by Atom Grad

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Posted: 02 March 11

Average Rating: (5 out of 5 stars)

A refreshing listen, the songs are very well crafted, great female vocalist. The music is atmospheric in places with very focused structures.
Submitted by jon (New York)

Emotive and excellent
Excellent debut album, the songs are very engaging, melodic yet not predictable, there is an introspective edge to the lyrics yet the message is universal .. relationships and encounters backed by very atmospheric music. This album is highly recommended, you will not be disappointed.
Submitted by Zak (New York, NY, USA)

Refreshing and with depth!
A great debut album, full of textures and atmosphere with traditionally well crafted songs - the female singer is excellent.
Submitted by Ralph7 (Reno, Nevada)

author: MikeyBee
Wonderful lyrics beautifully sung. This debut is excellent. The clean and fresh production brings these songs alive. Favourite for me is the dreamlike "Dead of the Night". Stop reading and start buying!!!

author: Fahrenheit451
This is a welcome break from soooo much commercial kitsch .. original, inventive and lyrical. It's personal stuff, but not too self-indulgent at all, check out 'Hotel Vitrine' for a much darker take on the Eagles song!

This review is from: Gone to Ground
Good album, I came across this new band by browsing in Amazon Music, really well produced for an 'indie' no label artist, interesting lyrics and well written songs; if you like songs that tell a story and create a mood that veers towards the more darker Emo style then I'd recommend it. Reminds me a bit of early Everything But The Girl in some places but more pop/alternative than that. Like it, try it!

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