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Tifa Lockhart by Fresh Like Dexie

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Posted: 19 April 11

Fresh Like Dexie are a brand new Sussex-based band, fusing together a strong funky vibe, classic jazz swing and we make songs that make people want to dance, listening to our tracks will definitely put a smile on your face. So if you like us, tell your friends and like us, or share us. Show your support!

'Step In The Sun - EP' 5 track CD out now on our Soundcloud, Myspace and Facebook!

Fresh Like Dexie were formed high up on the Sussex Downs by bassist 'Tuggy' and guitarist Cameron at a camping trip.
Since then the band has grown and welcomed vocalist Dani, drummer Kieran and keyboardist Josie.
The band's hip-shaking, back-breaking and rock-around-the-clock attitude and vibe is here to make you dance.

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