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Little Lights by Fireworks For Summer

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Posted: 10 May 11

Fireworks For Summer are comprised of ex members of Scuttle, Tabloid and The Maybe Laters.

Bruised emotions and raw exposed nerve endings, Fireworks For Summer aren't afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Musically It's easy to label them as “just another rock band” but there is a vulnerability hiding under the caustic exterior. The vocals tell stories of betrayal, disillusionment and a wealth of broken hearted sob stories. But don't be fooled, this band is as rock as Phil Collins wearing Converse trainers with a suit, Take That covering “Smells like teen spirit” and someone from X-factor covering Britney Spears covering Joan Jett. You won't find angular haircuts and jeans that could effectively be leggings. No costume changes between songs in live sets, dancers and fanfares, the motivations aren't major labels and millions of pounds, its simply music and catharsis. Having said that they would love you to join them for the ride. As Phil Collins once said, “No Jacket required,” but maybe a warm jumper and a beanie, you never know what the weathers going to do.

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