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Brighton Boy by Maria McAteer

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Posted: 18 April 12

Half irish, half trinidadian singer/songwriter Maria McAteer was born in Kensington London and raised in Newcastle Upon Tyne. She says of her childhood:

“It was kind of iffy at times being the only brown girl in the village but I found solace in music and irish dance”

Maria’s mixed heritage is clearly visible in her song-writing. Her sultry, melodic, jazz based compositions are partly inspired by her late father Al Timothy (trinidadian jazz saxophonist/composer who penned hits like "Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me) but also possess a haunting, celtic melancholy true to her irish roots. Her unique vocals are heart-wrenchingly sincere, holding warmth and fragility as stories of love, loss and longing are told and untold.

Maria wrote her first song “The Quiet Girl” aged 8.
“I just used the black notes on the piano because I liked the sound of them better!”

Maria’s debut album “Her Night At Noon” is currently ready for release in Sept 2012 The album contains a selection of her own songs and songs co- written with Swedish musical partner and multi-instrumentalist Bjorn Dahlberg.

“If I can sing one song that gives one person sanctuary or one song that gives one person a feeling that someone understands and they are not alone, then I have given a little back of what music has done for me….”

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