Louis Michael

Louis Michael: Fashion and aesthetic, on my own terms

Louis Michael: Fashion and aesthetic, on my own terms

- 15 August 2017

Self expression is vital to us. It allows us to communicate our individuality and share...


Louis Michael: The uninformed and the ignorant

- 2 August 2017

There is an important distinction to make between the uninformed and the ignorant. Those who...


Louis Michael: Growing into a new phase of my life

- 24 July 2017

Why is it that my productivity determines my happiness? At what point did my disposition...

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Louis Michael: The generation technology gap

- 18 July 2017

The technological rift between my generation and my parents’ generation fascinates me. I would go...

Louis Michael: The benefits of loving yourself

- 10 July 2017

Whether I was born with it, or pieced it together like Lego blocks from different...

the vote with louis

The Vote with Louis Michael

- 5 July 2017

The Vote with Louis Michael and Bill Smith


Louis Michael: Tentacles of a green eyed monster

- 26 June 2017

As an artist and a creator it’s especially important to learn how to take joy...


Louis Michael: A thoroughly unexpected outcome

- 19 June 2017

Perhaps the only good thing to come of Brexit was that it got me engaged...


Louis Michael: The changing lot of the parent

- 12 June 2017

My dad said something interesting to me recently. We were talking and he suddenly said:...


Louis Michael: Reading vs. films & games

- 5 June 2017

I grew up with my head stuck in a book. My obsession was such that I...


Louis Michael: Envision a world that is better

- 30 May 2017

Studying the past gives you an appreciation for how quickly things can change. The Victorian...


Louis Michael: Procrastination is an old friend

- 22 May 2017

Last week I finished my second year of university. (Feel free to imagine that full...