Stephanie Prior

Clock Tower Sanctuary

The Clock Tower Sanctuary

- 6 December 2022

The Clock Tower Sanctuary is a Brighton based charity which provides a range of support...

Stephanie Prior and Nisanka Wickramarachchi

The Vote with Stephanie Prior – Nisanka Wickramarachchi, Life Coach

- 23 November 2022

Nisanka is a Life Coach, NLP practitioner, and Holistic Practitioner who specialises in helping parents...

Jason and Stephanie

The Vote – Jason Devil

- 15 November 2022

Stephanie caught up with film producer and actor Jason Devil who co- produced the British...

Jo Baldwin

Jo Baldwin – Mentor, Soul Guide and Author

- 16 September 2022

Everything is nothing but energy.” ‘We are so many more dimensions than what we see...

Mark Riley

New York Music and Media Legend, Mark Riley

- 8 August 2022

Stephanie recently caught up with Mark Riley, who is a ‘New York music and media...

Stephanie Prior

Stephanie Prior – Standing Invitee on the TECC Committee

- 19 January 2022

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker chats to Latest TV Presenter and Standing Invitee on...

Making Herstory – International Women’s Day Event on the pier

- 20 February 2020

Yael Breuer speaks to Anne Ackord, CEO of the Brighton Pier Group PLC and Stephanie...