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Hove seafront plinth given planning permission

- April 25, 2013

A proposed plinth on Hove seafront has been given planning permission.

Hove Civic Society wants to put up the plinth to display a series of temporary sculptures and changing art installations.

The proposal was granted permission by the Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Committee at Hove Town Hall yesterday (Wednesday 24 April).

The plinth will go up in King’s Esplanade opposite the statue of Queen Victoria which is at the southern end of Grand Avenue.

The civic society said that the plinth would show art that provides a link between the heritage and history of the area and the contemporary world.

The aim is to showcase stimulating and inspirational sculptures that will be both borrowed and commissioned and to provide opportunities for the involvement of local artists and cultural partners.

Support for the initiative has come from a wide range of potential partner organisations including the Brighton Festival, Same Sky and Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

The civic society is a registered charity which was set up more than 50 years ago. It aims to encourage high standards of architecture and town planning and its campaigns strive to celebrate and improve the character of Hove.

Councillor Christopher Hawtree, the chairman of the planning committee, said: “I am delighted that permission has been given for a plinth on Hove’s promenade.

“It will welcome as many artistic uses of it as the human imagination can summon up, not only in the coming years but down the ages, on the 300th anniversary of Queen Victoria and beyond.

“The promenade will be all the more of a fascinating, stimulating site for local artists and residents.

“I fancy that Queen Victoria will be amused – in the best sense of the word – at Hove’s new talking spot.”

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  1. October 19, 2015 by John Mcgivering

    None of these items strikes me as having any merit – the Trafalgar Square plinth is usually empty and has been for many years except when used for some activity or other. This plinth should be left empty until something a little better-looking is found. Why it should have been built in the first place when there are people in this country with not enough to eat beats me.

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