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- April 28, 2015

As the election looms we ask is that pary arty? Human League joins Pride and Stephen Tompkinson is train spotted

Art & politics

As a tidal wave of indifference threatens to engulf the nation ahead of the General Election on May 7, the art world has hit back with a new exhibition, The Art Of Politics – opening this week at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery ( ). Showcasing work by artists including David Cameron’s favourite street artist™ Ben Eine, the French Godfather of
stencil art Blek le Rat and the Bristol Vandal Nick Walker. The Art of Politics sees each artist comment on global politics using their own particular medium. Also included in the show are influential political artist Peter Kennard, art insurgent Darren Coffield, agent provocateur War Boutique, Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai, plus fresh from her showing at the V&A, ‘Renegade Potter’ Carrie Reichardt. The Art Of Politics also showcases the London debut  of anarchist, artist, playwright, stage-diver and purveyor of small electrical goods, Pablo P Casio – this pseudonymous artist has strong connections to Brighton.

The Human League
Shut the front door! Pride have only gone and announced that the Human League will be playing the main stage at Preston Park on August 1. The band dominated 80s electronic pop racking up five albums and eight singles in the UK Top 10, selling more than 20 million records in their career.  As Pride organisers comment; “Get ready to tell Phil Oakley, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley that you really do want them as we celebrate the very best in British electronic pop for a spectacular Pride finale. Dare To Join Together In Electric Dreams, Be Night People, Open Your Heart and get ready for a life affirming, hands-in-the-air Pride celebration with The Human League.”
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