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- May 2, 2015

Guruguru is part clown, part physical performance player from the off. Stepping onto the stage shouting for and seeking “Happiness!”, wearing his deformed costume to signal from the start the deformity and oddness of the world we inhabit, highlighting our acceptance without question of the shackles of society and both a physical power and vulnerability. With a pronounced and at times difficult to decipher European accent. Emmersive and in turns playful and menacing, Guruguru strode amongst the audience and played out his scenes on stage from birth to love and on to belief on his journey, which seemed to meander with little direction, and at times comprehension. A mixed bag, but definitely something different for the Fringe.

The Warren: Main House, 1 May 2015
Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Victoria Nangle

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