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Point & Shoot: The Musical

- May 2, 2015

A comedy future film noir pastiche musical may sound like too much for one show to contain but this company carried it off with aplomb. The story of a practically dystopian future Hollywood following an ‘independent film’ uprising and one man’s ambition to be true to his dream was brought to the stage with humour, romance, song and vigour. It’s a cast of many and a company of four remarkably talented multi-instrumental performers; Erin Hutchinson, Robert Woods, Tamara Woolrych and – of course – Tyler Jacob Jones, who also, incredibly, wrote the book and co-directed. A fabulous treat that left everyone hugely entertained and beautifully culturally satiated. You’ll want this soundtrack for your future.

The Warren: Main House, 1 May 2015
Rating: ★★★★★
Victoria Nangle

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