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Lucia’s Chapter’s of Coming Forth by Day: Mabou Mines

- May 8, 2015

Lucia Joyce, daughter of James and mentally unstable – the stuff of theatrical magic, which is exactly what we got. A striking work, slightly flawed by a few technical wrinkles and lost lines, but for all that this was fascinating stuff. Clever projections, excellent music and a script by Sharon Fogarty that kept the audience on their toes as Lucia pondered her far from happy state. Maria Tucci, fragile one moment, vibrant and volatile the next, gives a convincing portrayal of a woman cheated of anything resembling a normal life by her famous father who is preoccupied by his own status as an artist. It made me rush home and download Finnegan’s Wake  – I want to know more.
Theatre Royal Brighton
7 May
Andrew Kay
4 stars

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