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Entertainment: Electronic vs. classical dance music from Andy Stott and London Philharmonic Orchestra

- April 12, 2016

Two wildly different but equally stunning musical options come to town this week. Andy Stott is at Patterns on Wednesday night, playing his murky, beat-driven palette of electronic sound live.
Stott is touring before the release of his new album ‘Too Many Voices’, which is out on 22nd April (album art above). 2014’s Faith in Strangers was a fantastic record that went from funereal drones to drum’n’bass blasts and Aphex Twin type keyboards. You can stream new track ‘Butterflies’ on YouTube here, which is a sparse joy to listen to, and the new album is heralded as sounding as ethereal as This Mortal Coil and Dead Can Dance so we should be in similar sonic territory to his masterful earlier work.

Saturday night sees the can-do-no-wrong-in-my-book London Philharmonic Orchestra playing at the Dome’s Concert Hall. BBC Music magazine cover star Miloš Karadaglić has sadly had to pull out due to a muscle strain in his right hand, but thankfully the talented and experienced Craig Ogden is taking his place. Ogden will be performing Rodrigo’s ‘Fantasia para un gentilhombre’, a piece with real crossover appeal featuring slinking guitar lines in a romantic set of dances.

Excerpts from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet and De Falla’s The Three-cornered Hat (Suite No. 2) are also being performed, resulting in a bright programme for a spring Saturday evening. It will be contrast to the atmospherics of Stott earlier in the week, and the two shows are a perfect example of the breadth of musical options in Brighton.

Andy Stott, Patterns (formerly Audio), Wed 13 April, 8pm, £12.50,
London Philharmonic Orchestra, Concert Hall, Brighton Dome, Sat 16 April, 7.30pm, £10-£32.50,

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