Wednesday, September 18

Zach and Viggo – Thunderflop

- May 22, 2016

Zach and Viggo are utterly endearing, absurd, creative, enjoyable and unique. This dynamic duo of comedy toyed beautifully with their audience, playfully addressing us directly, involving us, and coaxing all to feel involved and absolutely captivated by their warm silliness, sharply constructed from start to finish with flare and a freedom that allowed them to riff off of interruptions and an experience that ensured each ad hoc remark or action hit home with laughter. With comic scenes and scenarios that flowed easily, involving anything from magic tricks to LA acting classes – all with a clownish glint – this was a true Fringe highlight.

The Warren, 21 May 2016
Rating: ★★★★★
Victoria Nangle

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