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Hove, Hysterically

- July 11, 2016

It’s Edinburgh preview season, that much is obvious. The Scottish festival starts in August, and that is literally just around the corner, so it’s not so much Aidan-3-bowler-(c)-Andy-Hollingworth-Archivethat these shows are ‘diamonds in the rough’ but more ‘fine-tuning those Silver Phantoms’ at this stage in the game. And there’s a whole gaggle of them taking over Thursdays in Hove’s favourite bijoux venue – the Dukebox.
This week sees Aidan Goatley (10 Films With My Dad) and John Robertson (The Dark Room) bring their latest offerings to the theatre back room. With both already having received excellent responses when appearing in the Brighton Fringe in May, this is a diary-marker.

Next week sees the double-header of smart and funny Juliet Meyer with the delightfully barmy Linda Larkin (the creation of award-winning Sam Savage).
And finally Douglas Walker and Simon Plotkin, with original comedy from out of leftfield.

Edinburgh Preview: Aidan Goatley and John Robertson, Dukebox Theatre, Wed 13 July, 8pm, free; Edinburgh Preview: Juliet Meyers and Sam Savage, Dukebox Theatre, Wed 20 July, 8pm, free; Edinburgh Preview: Simon Plotkin and Dougie Walker, Dukebox Theatre, Wed 27 July, 8pm, free

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