Wednesday, October 20

Romany Mark Bruce’s irrepressible talent

- August 3, 2016

RMB-CELESTORY-52-x-52Walk past New Steine Gardens, and it’s impossible not to be moved by the cast bronze AIDS Memorial Sculpture by Romany Mark Bruce. Standing 4m high, it depicts two intertwined figures – one male and one androgynous – that soar up towards the sky casting a shadow in the shape of the red ribbon that is the international symbol for HIV/AIDS awareness. We love Romany’s irrepressible talent – and the way his sculptural approach translates onto canvas through bold, vibrant palette strokes: challenging, charged and merging effortlessly between figurative, abstract expressionism and the space between. That’s why we’ll be heading up to the New Steine Hotel for Romany’s new exhibition of abstract paintings ‘State of Mind’. Here’s a sneak preview of ‘Celestory’, which will be available as limited edition signed prints.

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