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- August 23, 2016


Sophie Cook launches weekly LGBT news show

We live in an amazing city full of diversity, of race, religion, economic background but most of all sexuality and gender identity. It’s a city where people, hounded and abused in other towns, come to feel safe and welcome.

I arrived here last June, having moved from Bournemouth, so that I could truly learn to be myself and since that time this wonderful city has truly become my home.

25% of the city’s population identifies as LGBT

As an out and proud bisexual transgender woman there are few places that would have welcomed me as much as this town has, and I feel honoured to be a part of the vibrant LGBT community.

Joining Latest TV at the start of June with the mission of increasing the visibility of LGBT people on the channel (25% of the city’s population identifies as LGBT and I was directed to reflect this on screen) I soon found myself covering events like the Golden Handbags and the Brighton Bear Weekend.

I felt honoured to be accepted into the community, and to be entrusted with giving a voice to those that in any other town would find themselves marginalised and excluded.

And now I have a new opportunity to bring LGBT stories to your screens with a new weekly LGBT news show. 

Beyond The Rainbow launches on Wednesday September 7 at 6.30pm and is repeated on Sundays at 6.30pm & 2.30am.

I can’t wait to get stuck into this new challenge and to further increase the visibility of LGBT people.

If you have a story, or know of a great character worthy of an interview, please contact me at

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