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Andrew Kay: Yak Yak Yak

- August 30, 2016


Pressing issues

It’s over a month now since two of my best friends departed for a new home in France – and how I miss them. I envy them too, starting up a new business just north of Nice in a pretty hill village with access to a large number of very good restaurants close by and of course excellent weather, well who wouldn’t be just a little envious. And they are great friends who have already extended an invitation to visit them when the building works are complete and their new B&B is ready to open.

Keeping up with the works they are undertaking though does not inspire envy, the cleaning and refurbishment of a septic tank in extreme heat does not sound appealing and having no water for a few days equally unattractive. But then I see the pretty garden, the terraced cafés and bars and small village squares and fountains, festivals with people parading in traditional costumes… ah, one can dream.

Ah, one can dream

Oh yes, I forget, there is something else that I miss apart from their excellent company and great cooking, I miss Sebastien who for the last year has been doing my ironing for me. For a small fee this man could plough his way through a mountain of shirts at a speed that beggared belief. My cupboards have been a sight to behold, hanger after hanger of perfectly pressed cotton, no synthetics here thank you very much, all hanging in the same direction and grouped by colour. I don’t have OCD but the joy of this sight could drive me there.

The solution? Well I have invested in a steaming device, it seems to do a pretty good job and I can keep up with the pressing engagements that is true. What I can’t keep up with is the absence of good friends, the kind who are simply there, never demanding but always ready to listen and lend a hand. It has also made me realise the value of all my friends close by and far away. I hope I never take them for granted.

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