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Andrew Kay: Yak Yak Yak

- September 20, 2016


Have I got news for you

It’s over two years since we launched Latest TV and who could have guessed how it was going to turn out for me. It was a very steep leaning curve of course, leaping from the one dimensional page to the TV screen was a big jump and one that I am sure I could not have made without the support that I received from my colleagues here at Latest Towers and from my friends who, to my face, said that of course I could do it. I was less confident.

Less confident perhaps but I have always had a policy of saying yes to something new, well within reason. This has been a good tenet by which to live. After all, what can go wrong, try it and if it does not work then stop, apologise and move on. This has got me into all sorts of trouble over the years, some fun trouble and some less. I will certainly never be drinking raw milk again, no sir.

A policy of saying yes to something new

So far I have made two series’ for the channel, Cook It! and International Chef Exchange, both of which have been pretty popular across the local TV network. How do I know this? Well when a passenger on an easyJet flight spots you and tells you that they enjoyed watching it in Hull, you get a bit of a buzz.

Since then I have made 25 episodes of Latest Homes Live: I Want To Live Here, which is also fun as I get to talk to so many of our property industry friends about the local housing market. I have also started doing items for our increasingly popular news.

But my favourite thing will always be the food and drink work and very soon I am making a pilot of a new show, hush hush for now, but one that I am sure will be fun. Most excitingly though was the news that International Chef Exchange is going to be seen in America, certainly series one and possibly a second series. Life gets better as I get older, more fun, more challenging, more dangerous even, I like that, bring it on I say.

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