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Andy Garth: Music land

- October 11, 2016


This week, I am diversifying! Big words for me, but even though I am in the ‘Homes’ section of the magazine, I would like to incorporate the column to also cause some interest from the ‘7’ part of the magazine.

So as I am constantly banging on about quirky Brighton and Hove Stuff, I am sharing with you part of the constant and consistently vibrant music scene that has always been part of the city.

The top photo is The Ramones’ 1980 single ‘Baby I Love You’, part written and produced by Phil Spector, reaching No.8 in the UK charts… All very interesting blah blah! But it was the sleeve that attracted me as it listed the Ramones’ 1980 UK tour and lo and behold the first gig of the year is Brighton’s Top Rank. For those of you under 40 it’s at the bottom of West Street, now the cinema complex.

As good as that is, my favourite find of the week is of the local band The Piranhas and their one and only single produced by Steve Lillywhite for Virgin Records.

Although they didn’t reach the top 40 with this track, they did go on to top 10 success with ‘Tom Hark’, and not only played at the Top Rank Brighton but also supported The Jam at their last ever gig at The Brighton Centre in 1982.

Anyway back to property next week… unless!!


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