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Latest TV: The Regional Newspapers Show, hosted by Dominic Ponsford and Mike Mendoza

- October 25, 2016


Scary clowns, exploding dishwashers, moths the size of kittens and a trumpet the size of the Humber Bridge. All human (and animal life) is on display in The Newspapers, Latest TV’s weekly romp around local news stories across the British Isles.

Forget the miserable and predictable diet of national news and plunge into the rich pageant portrayed daily in our local newspapers.

The Newspapers is presented by Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford, with Latest TV’s Mike Mendoza. Every week Dominic scours the UK’s hundreds of regional daily and weekly titles to find out what is really going on in the UK.

He said: “Local newspapers are where the news begins.

Local newspapers are where the news begins


They are free from bias. They tell it as it is without fear or favour. And they tell us what is really going on in the UK.

“Every week I pick out stories which inspire and amaze. There are tears, laughter and much that is frankly bizarre. Whatever else it is seldom dull.

“Our national news is decided by about six news editors in London. That means that every national broadcaster and newspaper tends to focus on the same stories.

“The Newspapers seeks to break free from the herd and provide a different take on life in our wonderful islands.”

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