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Yak Yak Yak: Time to reflect

- January 10, 2017


Hello. Are you still there, survived the revels of the festive season? Yes? Good, me too, which is a blessing as 2017 promises to be a big one for me, a real challenge.

Not that 2014, 2015 and 2016 have not been a challenge – on almost every level. Since the boss, Latest Bill called me up and said we were about to create a TV station it’s been challenge upon challenge.

Of course those of you know know me well will realise that I thrive on challenge and always have. A few years ago I worked out something key to the way I approach life. I am a yeasayer and not a naysayer. I prefer to say yes and see where it takes me. I can almost hear some of you shivering at the very idea, but I promise that on the whole this policy has worked for me.

LGBT+ plans to be big!

Saying yes has meant that I have had some incredible experiences over the years, things that, had I said no, I would really regret having missed and Latest TV has provided some of the most memorable moments.

There have been regrets in my life too, I would be a fool to deny that and there are plenty of you out there who I am sure would be very fast to point them out. On a purely personal level I would like to say that for all my failed relationships there were many good times that in hindsight far outshine the weight of failure when things went wrong. A happy new year and sparkling future to all of you, you know who you are.

As for me, well Latest Bill has done the usual and set me a whole load of new challenges, challenges that will see me on Latest TV even more often than in the last two years – if that is possible.

I am delighted that, with my colleague and friend Sophie Cook, I will be heading up our new projects LGBT+ TV. Sophie is making a whole load of new shows and so am I. Between us we will be presenting the LGBT Papers in alternative weeks and in the opposite week we will take turns presenting The Vote – with of course a slant towards LGBT news, not just from Brighton and Hove but from around the world.

I will also be presenting my own chat show, AK Soufflé, and I cannot wait to get some of the amazing people that I have met over the years onto the set to talk about the highs and perhaps some of the lows of their lives – but with the emphasis on fun always. We launch in early February with an hour of programming every day to start but watch this space, LGBT+ TV plans to be big!

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