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AK Soufflé: Off to the Palace

- January 30, 2017


What a week! No let me say that again. What a week!!! I’m seldom profligate with exclamation marks but it has been the most marvelous of times. When Latest Bill came to me with the idea of starting our new LGBT+ TV channel I was, to say the least, enthusiastic. I’ve been out far longer than I was ever in, and as a noisy gay man I have enjoyed my fair share of fun, notoriety and sadness too. But now, now is my time to celebrate being gay – big time.

It took me a little time to decide what format I wanted to create, but once I had the idea, and the title (I do believe in the power of getting the title right from the very start), then it all fell into place.

I was going to chat, or to be honest I was going to let my guests chat. Of course the first thing I had to do was get those guests. It’s all well and good deciding to do a chat show, but would anyone want to be on it? Well the proof is in the long list of guests that I have already filmed and those booked to appear over the coming weeks.

James Ledward talking about playing oboe (not a euphemism)

Episode one of AK Soufflé was a hoot, the legend that is James Ledward talking about playing oboe (not a euphemism) and being a choir boy, and Aneesa Chaudhry hugging me and impersonating her aunt and belting out a great number. The response was massive, waves of love from viewers and friends. Week two went equally well with Kathy Caton talking gin, that was a real tonic, and Sophie Cook coming in to talk about the channel launch and the mass of international coverage we have had in the media already – someone in Mexico was tweeting about it only this morning and then again a news piece from the Bay area of San Fransisco.

The week got even better when as a team we went up to the Palace of Westminster to a cross party reception for Local TV Stations. It was an excellent opportunity for us all to meet our counterparts from across the UK, share our thoughts and lobby to MPs present to fight for ongoing support and funding. The canapes were good too! Most fun for me though was being a splash of bright yellow in a sea of sombre suits, I do love to stand out in the crowd.

For all this support we thank you all and if you want to support us more then do get in touch, there are so many ways we can work together, not just LGBT businesses but those of you who recognise the value and broad appeal of what we hope will be a totally inclusive media opportunity.

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