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Latest TV: The Queen watched Talking Pictures TV

- February 13, 2017


Guess what? Latest TV air Talking Pictures every day from 6am till 4pm and 10pm till midnight! Yes you heard that correctly – it has been said recently that The Queen watched Talking Pictures while she was recovering from illness over the Christmas period. More specifically it has been said that she watched Laurel and Hardy and films starring Sid James and Dora Bryan. 

So essentially what we’re saying here, is that if the Queen were to be in Brighton, it’s safe to say she’d probably be a big fan of Latest TV! 

Enjoy an awesome array of films, football, and fun

With the amazing collaboration between Talking Pictures TV and some of the local TV channels, along with our own original content, there is the opportunity for residents of our great city to enjoy an awesome array of films, football, and fun – in Brighton, even the news is sexy! Our CEO Bill Smith has managed to integrate all parts of society and really take advantage of the fantastic platform that we have, on terrestrial TV.

With the recent addition of Latest LGBT+, which launched last Wednesday, the possibilities are endless – we’re all about equality, diversity, inclusion, and providing great content that’s accessible for all. 

If you feel as strongly as we do about the importance of LGBT+ diversity in the media, join us and support us via our crowdfunding page at

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