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Latest Bill: The Queen watches Latest TV: fake news or real?

- February 13, 2017


Thank you all so much for the cards. Should be called Bill’s Day. Who is this Valentine anyway? So about that fake news??

I think I read that a research study from Stanford showed that most can’t tell the difference between real news and fake news so I thought I’ll try a little test on you.

(By the way I have no idea if the study was fake!)

1) Did Laurence Olivier first coin the immortal phrase known to all thesps “Hove, actually!”?

2) Did Posh and Becks REALLY check out living in Hove as reported in Issue 1 of Latest Homes?

3) Hove is cool now ( except in David Bramwell’s Cheeky Guide ) but did the late great comic Pete McCarthy make this joke about Hove in the 1980s?

“Red sky at night Brighton’s delight, Red sky in the morning Hove’s on fireHurrah!!!”

4) Does The Queen watch Latest TV?

Real, fake… it’s a philosophical question but luckily I went to Oxford and occasionally I went to college! My philosophy tutor said to me “remember Macbeth – is that a dagger I see before me – is everything an apparition and unreal? You can’t prove existence Bill, nothing exists. Nothing is REAL.” I said “put your wallet on the desk in front of you and turn around and we’ll see if your wallet still exists.”

Real, fake… it’s a philosophical question

My friends and I had a REAL good night out!

The important thing to remember is that there is real news out there. You might have heard stories about worries for the market post-Brexit, but there is some evidence suggesting that the mood of doom and gloom could be unfounded. Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently reassured Theresa May that the UK will be just fine for example.

Let’s be positive!!! By the way did you all get my cards?!

1) Probably real but I got it off the internet.
2) Yes definitely. I was the reporter!
3) Yes
4) Inidrectly! Read the Latest TV column on page 13 of Latest Seven on the flip side of this to find out more.

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